Why Laser Etching?

Laser marking is a computer-driven, environmentally friendly alternative to silk screening, pad printing, stamping, mechanical engraving, chemical etching, & many other costly, lower quality processes.  DuraMark's high-speed, non-contact laser etching process provides superior quality, permanence & design flexibility. Our advanced laser etching & annealing processes can achieve a level of accuracy & detail unmatched by any other engraving method. Specific benefits of DuraMark's laser etching processes are described below.

Cost Effectiveness The fast turnaround & flexibility of computer generated graphics & part marking programs make the cost of laser etching remarkably affordable.

Environmentally Friendly The laser etching process is self contained & generates no waste products.

Graphic Flexibility Any type of logo, bar code, 2D data-matrix code, patent number, trademark, alpha-numeric, icon, symbol, or graphic design can be applied in almost any shape & size.

High Resolution & Readability Extraordinarily demanding & complex marks can be produced with clarity & high readability down to unbelievably tiny character sizes.

High Speed Controlled computer processing & DuraMark's highly experienced laser etching technicians assure you of the fastest turnaround time possible, regardless of the number of pieces being marked.

State of the Art System Our Trumpf Tru-Mark Infrared YAG laser etching system allows us to offer a wide variety of marking & tracing identification methods including bar coding, 2D matrices & computer controlled sequential numbering.

Material Variety Laser etching can be done on most regular, anodized, painted, or plated metal surfaces including stainless steel, tool steel, titanium, ceramics, aluminum, brass, copper & plastics.

Non-Contact Process - Your product's material remains clean & perfect. Laser etching requires no substances.  Your parts can be engraved or annealed, giving you the option of non invasive marking that maintains the performance & integrity of your important components.

Permanence - Laser engraving stays on for life. It never fades, nor can it be removed, making it the perfect marking method for harsh environments & highly sensitive identification requirements.

Process Flexibility - Laser etching can be adapted for material sensitivity by adjusting for engraving, annealing, ablation, or etching.

Process Repeatability & Consistency - Programmed control & high positioning accuracy controls part to part uniformity. From ten to ten thousand, precision computer control means 100% image consistency.

Quality & Accuracy - The precise nature of the computer driven laser etching, coupled with DuraMark's exacting quality control processes mean an unrelenting commitment to accuracy. We'll never promise what we can't deliver.

What kinds of materials & surfaces can be laser etched? DuraMark can laser etch & engrave All METALS including stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, carbide, tool steel, & titanium. Our laser etching process is also the perfect solution for Ceramics & all types of surfaces including Base material, Anodized, Painted, Plated, Polished.